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Run your website faster, fully & securely in Mainland China

As a e-commerce store owner, have you even received any complains from Mainland China customers about slow connect to Shopify store? China is not like other countries where many best-in-class technologies work perfectly. Some are completely blocked in China - like GoogleAPIs and YouTube - or take too long to load - like Amazon, Shopify and more.

What is Chinafy?

To make your site work and run fast, let us introduce Chinafy - a cloud-based platform intelligently optimize your website and accelerate the pages with China-friendly content delivery networks. This makes sure your website runs flawlessly without separate site, ICP or onshore hosting. The Chinafy automation rules allow you to continue to manage your site as you normally would.

In terms of logistics, Chinafy provides onshore performance offshore. It includes all the necessary set-up and automated compatibility across videos, maps and APIs.

It is using a SaaS /License model which includes a transparent, scalable pricing based on your website’s complexity and needs. By combining Chinafy’s Web Compatibility suite, Chinafy sites are 30-40% faster than sites with near-China CDNs alone. More importantly, they’re not just fast but also functional.

How Chinafy works?

With Chinafy, normally your site can be optimised for China in just 2 weeks instead of months or years.

Steps for using Chinafy service:

  1. Projects Promotion will help to run your website and generate report for current speed

  2. Projects Promotion will recommend the best Chinafy Plan for you

  3. Engineers from Chinafy will help set-up and test your Chinafy site.

  4. You can launch your Chinafy site with a DNS update.

Site Generation

Faster networks do not equal to ‘speed’ in China. Chinafy is a highly tuned complex integration of both Software (i.e. Code) and Infrastructure (i.e.Hardware) that can be bolted onto almost any site. Chinafy first creates a ‘China-specific’ version of your site based on the publically available html/css/js of your site. The ‘mirrored’ version of your site is the one that is then managed & modified by Chinafy - ensuring that your original site and SEO remains unaffected.

Intelligent Resource Suite

Chinafy’s Smart Action function then uses rule-based recommendations to handle

around 75% of the most blocked or slow resources, replacing them China equivalents or removing those that are blocked and have no replacement so it doesn’t negatively a!ect the function on the rest of the website.]

Best-in-class Infrastructure

With load balancers and CDNS, Chinafy then automatically bolts on a bestin-

class infrastructure including that hosting for your Chinafy site, load balancers to handle for traffic fluctuations, domain compression, as well as near - China content delivery networks (CDNs), selected for their competitiveness based on thousands of performance tests.

Contact us via Email or WhatsApp + 852 9864 9656 for consultation.



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