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Useful TIPS on successfully applying the SME Marketing Fund (EMF) with HKD800K

E-commerce Trend

Throughout the years, e-commerce has emerged as in indispensable component of global retail. According to statistics, global ecommerce sales are estimated to have increased 16.8% over the most recent tracked period.

Digital consumers keep increasing as a result of modern life's ongoing digitalization. Today's online shoppers expect seamless, convenient experiences. Statistics show that 89% of consumers who chopped online during the pandemic will not return to in-person shopping.

Government Funding launched to support SMEs expanding overseas

In light of the e-commerce trend, Hong Kong government provides a subsidy scheme - SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF) for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). SMEs are encouraged to expand their markets outside Hong Kong under the scheme.

Funding Ceiling

A cumulative limit of HKD800,000 funding support is available for each eligible enterprise. The maximum funding support for each successful application is limited to 50% of the approved expenditures incurred by the applicant enterprise, or HKD100,000, whichever is less.


To qualify for funding support from the EMF, an enterprise must meet the following requirements:

  • A non-listed enterprise registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance

  • Must have substantive business operations in Hong Kong at the time of making the application.

  • The cumulative amount of funding received previously under EMF must not exceed the prevailing cumulative funding ceiling.

  • Must not be the organiser/co-organiser/service provider or a related company of the organiser/co-organiser/service provider of the promotion activity and the related services covered by the application.

  • Must meet the government's definition of "SME", that is, employing less than 50 employees in the service industry, or less than 100 employees in the manufacturing industry

  • The proposed project has not received other government funding

Funding Scope

1. Setting up or enhancement of a corporate website/mobile application which mainly targets markets outside Hong Kong

We are Shopify Hong Kong Partner, and has successfully launched many online stores with Shopify. Shopify is the all-in-one commerce platform to start, run, and grow a business.​ Over 1,000,000 businesses in 175 countries have made more than $155 billion USD in sales on Shopify.

We provide full-service e-Commerce solutions to help you grow your business. From setup, design, promotion to maintenance, we focus in growing your online revenue. Below must-have features will be enabled by our professional E-commerce team, which are essential for expanding overseas:

  • Multiple Currency

  • Shipping Set-up

  • Payment Gateway Set-up

  • Translation

  • Loyalty & Referral Program

Hayman Chan is a local Men Tailored Apparel Brand which scales their online business overseas with their newly launched E-commerce website.

With our help, their website is integrated with a list of features including Live Chat, Loyalty Program, Wishlist, Customer Reviews, Multiple Currencies, International Payment Gateway, SEO, which allows Hayman Chan to grow and reach overseas customers,

View our recent E-commerce website reference – Hayman Chan by clicking here

2. Photo Shooting/ Video Production

Charges for video/product and editing services associated with the promotion of the applicant company's product and/or services at the eligible promotion activity it participated in.

Our crew is specialized in commercial, lifestyle and product shooting production, committed to producing high-quality content. One-stop production services are offered by our crew, including storyboarding creation, photo retouching and video editing, etc.

Click here to have a look at our recent reference of Lighting Product video shooting for a local Brand – HarmonicZ.

For more references and business enquires, feel free to reach out for more details.

3. Digital Marketing Activities (Social Media Ads, Google Ads, etc.) which are conducted through electronic platforms/media and which mainly target markets outside Hong Kong

Looking for a way to drive traffic to your website? We have some good news for you! Digital Marketing Activities that target markets outside Hong Kong is also covered under this Funding Scheme.

By using a variety of strategies, we can successfully increase traffic to your website. We empower our clients to effectively reach and engage their target audiences through a range of online channels to increase brand exposure, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc.

Steps for applying the fund

Step 1: Complete the project (Normally, Projects Promotion will develop and implement the website with 4-6 weeks lead time)

Step 2: Fill in Online Application form and submit required documents within 60 calendar days after a project has been completed. (Projects Promotion will help to prepare documents related to the project)

Step 3: TID will process any valid application within 30 working days after receiving the duly completed application. The application will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis according to the date and time that TID receives the duly completed and valid application.

Tips for a successful application:

1. Track record of vendor

One of the criteria of a successful application depends on the credibility of the vendor.

Projects Promotion is established in 1996, and has high reputation in advertising and e-commerce industries. We are experienced in EMF application and familiar with the process. Our professional team will recommend the best features to be implemented on your website and provide guidance on the application. We will also assist applicants in accurately verifying whether the documents meet the requirements in order to avoid delaying the process.

2. Prepare 3 sets of complete business transactions as business proof

There is no requirement on the years of establishment of the applicant enterprise. However, you will have to provide 3 complete business transactions include purchase orders by clients, commercial invoice/ contracts, bills of lading and remittance statements, etc., to prove your company has substantive business operation and is not a shell business registration.

3. Submit all required documents

A list of documents is required for the application. Any missing documents may result to delay or even failure of approval. As an experienced vendor, Projects Promotion will help to check the application upon submission.

If you are considering to build a E-commerce website, contact us via Email or WhatsApp + 852 9864 9656 for consultation.



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