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HoChiMay New Shopify Store that integrates with Facebook E-commerce Live Streaming Function

Recently, Projects Promotion Ltd has created an online store for HoChiMay. We integrated livestreaming E-commerce function with online store. Customers can know more about the products and make purchases more conveniently online.

The Senior Media Person - Mr. Robert Chua

HoChiMay ONLINE is co-produced by Mr. Robert Chua, the senior media person, and the famous celebrity, Ms. Meg Lam. Through the relaxing chat show, they hope to share the pleasure of food and drink, travelling, and daily lives. At the same time, they hope to supply high-quality but rare goods to customers. Like the classic variety show, “Enjoy Yourself Tonight (EYT)”, which was aired in the past. Every time it was aired, it brought a joyful night to the audience

Mr. Robert Chua is a senior media person and also a gourmet. When he was young, he created the well-known variety show “Enjoy Yourself Tonight (EYT)”. It is the most glorious variety show unprecedently, which is also the first livestreaming program in Hong Kong. Mr. Chua is known for his unlimited creativity and passion for program production. This livestream e-commerce of HoChiMay ONLINE was executed as Chua observed the changes in the mode of live streaming e-commerce (Tmall and some TV channels in Singapore are making their attempts as well). His team combines talents who have experiences and connections from the food catering business with program production, concocting the first ‘Gourmet show x Live streaming e-commerce’ in Hong Kong.

We also created another online store, Sinstant for Mr. Robert Chua previously. It sells ready-to-eat Asian gourmet food overseas. Customers can choose from the wide range of Hong Kong and Singaporean traditional food and make payment online. With the shipping service, customers around the world can enjoy the food of Sinstant.

Our service in creating the "HoChiMay ONLINE" website includes:

• Website UX/UI Design

•  Shopify X Facebook Livestream E-commerce

•  Website translation

• Online payment integration (including consumption voucher scheme)

• Membership program (earn points by online purchase and redeem points for next purchase)

What is Livestream e-commerce?

Livestream e-commerce means promoting the products through livestreaming. This strategy is beneficial to both the merchants and the customers.

Benefits to merchants:

• Lower operation costs

• Broader sales platform

• Comprehend the audience’s response to products by interpreting indicators (e.g. views)

• Reply customers’ inquiries instantly, avoid any return or exchange of products due to the lack of communication

Benefits to Customers:

• Knowing the details of products without visiting the physical store

• Raise their inquiries about products to merchants instantly, shorten the time of purchase

How to use the livestream e-commerce function?

1) When HoChiMay hosts live shows on Facebook, customers can comment their questions about products to hosts.

2) Each product has its own code. Customers who want to purchase the products can comment their respective codes

3) After the comment of the product code is left, a link of the order will be sent automatically through Facebook Messenger.

4) Press the ‘checkout’ button in Facebook Messenger and customers are directed to the checkout page of Shopify

5) If customers do not checkout after a period of time, a reminder will be sent automatically through Facebook Messenger.

Apart from integrating with Facebook, Shopify has a lot more functions, which include the Dashboard that shows the statuses of all orders.

Public Relations Services free of charge

Apart from the creation of website, we have also provided PR services for HoChiMay free of charge. HoChiMay was advertised on different news sites, including and am730.

If you have more inquiries about creating a Shopify website for your business, or integrating it with livestreaming e-commerce, please feel free to email or WhatsApp + 852 9864 9656 to contact us.



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