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Cross Border Selling with Shopify

What’s your company’s online business strategies?

Does it have e-commerce functionality or promotional features like Membership Program, Cross-sell?

During these few years, e-commerce has become crucial to the global retail framework; Especially now, more people have started buying goods online. Thus, there has been an increasing number of stores that are adapting to e-commerce.

Economically, E-commerce is significantly advantageous to traditional commerce.

  • E commerce can reach more customers than traditional retailing means

  • Provide better customer experience

  • Most importantly, products may be sold to different countries with different policies.

1. Multiple currencies

Hence Shopify have the option to display prices in local currencies. – Though Shopify also allows merchants to sell in a single currency on one store. Shopify provides purchasing through multiple currencies.

Having multiple currencies is great for cross-border selling as it increases people buying products through their own currencies.

According to Shopify statistics,

  • 92% of shoppers prefer to make purchases on sites that price in their local currency

  • 33% are likely to abandon purchase if pricing is in U.S dollars only.

  • When a produce is in a customer’s local currency, their sales rates increase by up to 40%.

As a partner of Shopify, we can also help clients set multiple currencies, and having an e-commerce website can help the sales rate go up. If you want to exclusively focus on a single international market like US, you can use Shopify Payments to sell in US Dollars but get payouts in Hong Kong Dollars.

2. Different Payment Gateway

In a typical commerce platform, they may provide a single payment gateway for all users. However, Shopify partners may customize their payment gateways for different users. It may be frustrating if there was just one payment gateway.

  • People in Hong Kong could select FPS.

  • Alipay, WeChat Pay & Union Pay are popular payment methods in China

  • North Americans may use Credit cards, as well as digital payment systems.

  • German and Austrians could use EPS (Electronic payment method)

  • People in Netherlands could use a domestic payment method such as IDEAL.

Projects Promotion Ltd. , being the partner of Shopify, provides this option for companies to grow.

3. Multiple languages

Depending on your target audience, languages can play a big part.

You may ask, why is language important? Well, according to Shopify statistics,

  • 40% of the customers won’t buy if it's not in their local languages

  • When buyers were shown a store translated to their language compared to the same one in the original language, there’s a 13% relative increase in sales

Shopify allows merchants to have a website in a couple of languages. Projects Promotion advices merchants on common languages within the target market, to boost the conversion. Projects Promotion can help with Copy-writing and Translation as well.


4. Domain

Shopify provides the options for users to change the domain and personalize the experience for visitors. This optimizes your site for different language and countries, allowing you to geo target.

You could also utilize international domains, to personalize the experience for visits. A Domain name is the address of the website - typically where someone types in your company name in a search bar.

  • International domains can help attract new customers and increase your store’s sales rates.

  • Using international domains may also work well with creating shopping experiences in local currencies and languages for customers.

  • By improving your store's SEO search, you could boost traffic and drive sales.

5. Shipping & logistic

Shopify allows worldwide shipping and cross borders. There can be a shipping option.

  • Shopify displays calculated shipping rates, instead of flat rates, to your customers at checkout

  • The shipping is flexible, as you could choose from a more expensive but faster shipping or a low cost or free shipping option.

  • Wide selection of logistics company, such as Fed Ex, SF Express.

  • After connecting with logistic company, tracking code can be sent to customers automatically to track their packages.

  • Merchants can print shipping labels directly from your Shopify admin

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Project promotion provides a well-rounded service to growing businesses. Our service includes an e-commerce website which has cross border selling, optimized SEO search, currency exchange within store, connecting Shopify website to Facebook & Instagram Shop and Google Shop, accruing Government Funding.

Why should you partner with Projects Promotion:

  • Stylish Design: We have professional designers that could bring perfectionism to your website; and give it a contemporary feel.

  • Technical Expert: Have in-house developer to integrate apps on website

  • Connect Social Commerce: We connect your Shopify website to Facebook Shop, Instagram Shop and Google Shop for clients, , allowing more versatility

  • Experienced in Funding Application: We assist in Government Funding Application

  • Online Promotion: Other than the website itself, we provide more exposure to your website through Free Online advertorial, which can reach 500,000 impressions.



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