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Successful Case - Brighter Optical Centre

Projects Promotion Ltd. specializes in advertising & E-commerce. Recently (Aug, 2021), we successfully launched a series of online and offline activities to celebrate Brighter Optical Centre’s 50th Anniversary, including Online Shop Implementation.

Brighter Optical Centre is a Hong Kong optical store founded in 1971. Over the years, Brighter Optical Center has achieve many milestones and currently has an Optometry clinic located in Mong Kok.

Services provided by Projects Promotion Ltd.

1. Set-up E-commerce Website - For Brighter Optical Centre Online Shop to expand business online, an E-commerce website is vital. Projects Promotion Ltd. helped Brighter Optical Centre to set-up their Online Store with Shopify to deliver contact lens to customers, while converting new customers to loyalty members.

Features of the website:

a.)Advanced product option Set-up – Customers can select their contact lens power range and basic curve online and get a discount price for different value pack. b.)Pop up Message – Show discount info to attract customers and boost sales c.)Membership & Referral Program – Allow customers to earn points through each purchase/ friend referral/ Like Company FB Page, and redeem the points for the next purchase d.)Website UX/UI & Banner Design – Designed by Projects Promotion in-house graphic & website UX/UI designer for a user-friendly experience e.)Online Payment Gateway– Customers can checkout with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay. f.)Search Engine Optimization – Projects Promotion Ltd. helped to generate keywords, perform In-Shopify SEO, optimize photo size & Submit sitemap to Google Console to improve search results ranking and to reach more customers online

2.Coordinate & Publish Newspaper Supplement

We helped Brighter Optical Centre to publish the 50th Anniversary advertisement on Oriental Daily News without any cost incurred to them. With our strong media relationship, we also helped to arrange press interview with clients as well as to distribute it to different publications.

a.)Produced a 3-min video interview

b.)Prepared & wrote an online news article published on website

c.)Posted an organic Facebook post on FB Page and reached over 20,000 people within a week



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