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[2023 Consumption Voucher] The Procedures of Connecting Consumption Voucher to Shopify

Good news for merchants on Shopify – Projects Promotion Ltd. helps you utilize the Consumption Voucher Scheme, and boost the sales of your online shop.

Shopify has served over 1,700,000 merchants. Shopify undertakes the whole procedure of purchase from promotion and payment, to the bill settlement and shipping.

After creating your online shop on Shopify, what is the next step to attract more customers?

1st stage of 2023 consumption voucher will be disbursed in April, 2023. Consumers can then settle their payments with consumption vouchers on online shops. Projects Promotion can help to apply your accounts on AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK, and BoC Pay. Grasp the opportunity of this scheme and connect the payment method of consumption voucher to your online shop on Shopify. By just an act, you can benefit your customers and yourself, stimulate online consumption, and expand your business online.

One-off payment (application and connection fee included):

  • HKD $8,000 (original price HKD $9,500)

Connect to the payment methods:

Apart from Alipay HK, WeChat Pay HK, and BoC Pay, the one-off payment includes the following payment payments as well:

Extra fee is to be charged for the connection of HSBC PayMe. If you are interested, please contact us for further information.

Required Time:

It takes 3 weeks to connect payment channels to your shop on Shopify. Once the consumption vouchers are disbursed, consumers can settle their payments using consumption vouchers in your shop.

Seize the opportunity, connect more payment channels to your online shop.

Contact us:

Click here to fill in the online form, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

You could also email ( or WhatsApp (+852 9864 9656) us for more details.

Cases of Successful Applicants:

Brand: RAZE Brand: Sincere MediStore

Industry: Masks/ Personal Hygiene Industry: Medicine

---------------------------------------------------- What is the Consumption Voucher Scheme?

A new round of consumption vouchers totaling HK$5,000 will be given to permanent Hong Kong residents and new arrivals. An amount of HKD $3,000 of consumption voucher will be disbursed in phases from April, 2023, while the remainder will be given out in the middle of the year.

Suitable Areas/ Merchants of Consumption Vouchers:

Consumption Vouchers can be widely used in local agencies, including local physical or online merchants. (For example : Shopify)

Customers can shop in your online shops once their applications are completed.

Channels of disbursement:

The following electronic payment methods can be used on Shopify:



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