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What’s new on Shopify 2.0 and how it advances your Online Store?

Shopify announced one of their biggest updates this summer – Online Store 2.0.

Huge opportunities are opened up for themes and apps developments for Shopify Online Stores.

1. The New Theme Architecture - Bigger room for page design

A more flexible customization option is provided for Online Stores. It was difficult for Shopify Merchants to customize page design before the launch of Online Store 2.0. Even with paid theme, only homepage can be customized by adding sections. If merchants would like to customize their pages and collection pages like homepage, it would require a costly way – building page template with coding. With the 2.0 version, now Projects Promotion can help merchants to build your online stores with a much faster and cost-effective way.

2. Updated Theme Editor– Metafields Improvements

Previously, only page title and one single rich text editor are allowed for page content of page, collection and product.

With the new integration of Shopify Metafields interface, custom fields can be easily added to product page or variants with customers, collections and upcoming orders.

Projects Promotion can help merchants to input options when creating the data input field from simple text all the way up to JSON data.

3. App Blocks – Integrate apps with your theme

In the past, Shopify merchants had limited right in customizing how the app appears on the online stores unless the app developer offers custom integrations or compatible settings. Now, Shopify merchants have more control over which page the app will show and which section they wish to display on the specific page.

4. New theme – Dawn

Dawn - A new free theme has been released with Online Store 2.0. A modern and flexible alternative is provided along with many advanced features including Cross-selling, Product Recommendation, Product Review ,etc.

If you are planning to start your online business with a free theme, Projects Promotion Ltd. can leverage Dawn Theme to build a free, well-designed, functional and unique website for your brand within 4 weeks.

5. Checkout Customization

To those who are already using Shopify may know only online stores subscribing Shopify Plus Plan are allowed to edit the checkout. With the newly developed Checkout Apps, now even non-Shopify Plus merchants can customize the checkout of your online stores.

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