Connecting Online Shop to your Social Media Account

Social media is prevalent nowadays. Its a popular trend to leverage Social Media to expand online sales. According to Paypal's Asia Social Commerce Report, about 80% of retail businesses across APAC sell through social media.

As a Shopify’s partner and experienced in E-commerce Industry, Projects Promotion Ltd. has helped numerous merchants to connect their e-shops with Instagram and Facebook (Social Commerce). Not only does it increase the website traffic, but also make the purchase more convenient. Hence, boosting the sales.

How to connect?

You need to first change your Instagram account to the business version for the connection. When your e-shop is connected to Instagram or Facebook, you can tag the products on your post. Customers can tap on the tag for the details of products, including the product name, details, prices. When customers tap on the ‘view on website’ button, they will be directed to the page of the product on the e-shop and purchase it.

The connection process is rather complicated, not all products are eligible for Social Commerce and it takes time for Instagram/ Facebook to approve the connection. Projects Promotion Ltd. has rich experience in this and we can help your connection in just a flash. You are always welcome to reach out to us for on Social Commerce Connection.

Why should you connect Facebook/ Instagram Shop?

There are an array of benefits to connect your e-shop with social media page.

To customers, Social Commerce provides a seamless browsing-to-checkout journey as customes can see details and checkout online directly by one-click. As for merchants, this is an effective way to increase customer engagement and website traffic.

Case Study

Projects Promotion Ltd. has helped TST Flower, Hayman Chan, Sia Jewelery to connect their e-shop with Instagram accounts. By clicking the products on the social media post, customers can see details of the products and even direct to Online Shop for checkout. The sales of Hayman Chan, a Men-tailored suit website that we helped to launch, has increased by 50% in 3 months after Social Commerce connection!

Social Commerce can help to boost online sales especially durnig festivals. After connecting Instagram Shop, one of our clients - TST Flower has an increase of 300% sales during Mid Autumn Festival comparing to last year!

Contact Us

If you have more inquiries about creating a Shopify website for your business, or connecting it with your social media account, please feel free to email or WhatsApp + 852 9864 9656 to contact us.